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Sidings Fuel Supplies, Coal Merchants, Supplying North & West Yorkshire with bottled Gas's, Coal & Smokeless solid fuels, Kindling and Logs for over 10 Years, Whether Industrial or private use, our products are of the highest quality and at competitive prices. Call now for prices and availability . . .

Opening Times . . . Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5:30pm - Saturdays 8:30am to 5pm
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Sidings Fuel Supplies Bottled Gas for all occasion . . .

If you're heating your home, cooking breakfast on your BBQ or cosying up around your patio heater on a summer's evening, Sidings Fuel Supplies bottled gas cylinders provide instant power to enhance your indoor and outdoor experience. Propane gas bottles and cylinders, Available in a range of cylinder sizes, propane can be used to power full domestic heating systems and cooking appliances. Lean burning and causing minimal air pollution, it’s also the ideal fuel to use outdoors – even at low temperatures. Butane gas cylinders, Thousands of homes in the UK choose butane to fuel mobile heaters and portable cooking equipment. Ideal for caravans and BBQs, butane provides quick, efficient heat where and when it’s needed.
Sidings Fuel
Sidings Fuel Supplies Pre packed Coal & Smokeless solid fuel . . .

Sidings Fuel Supplies, specialising in providing the finest quality Coal and Smokeless Fuel related products. We are pleased to offer a wide range of pre-packed fuels to our customers at competitive prices.
Pre-packed fuels offer many advantages to traditional fuels. They can be longer burning and produce higher temperatures which give you more for your money. Our smokeless fuels start from budget fuels to high burning solutions for your heaters, stoves and cookers. We also supply solid fuels and pre-packed coal of varying sizes, which is ideal for open fires. Using the right kind of fuel is important, as it can make you savings as well as acting more efficiently for the environment.
Sidings Fuel
Sidings Fuel Supplies Kindling & Logs . . .

Sidings Fuel Supplies are wood fuel suppliers delivering high quality, well seasoned fire wood suitable for a multi-fuel stove, log wood burner, wood burning stoves, fire pits, fireplace wood, open log fires, etc.
Well seasoned barn stored Firewood logs and Kindling sticks are available in sacs, nets or bulk loose loads. Seasoning ensures extremely low moisture content and high quality dry firewood. Well seasoned wood will ignite and burn easily.
Sidings Fuel
Sidings Fuel Supplies Welding gas for all industries . . .

Maximise your productivity and improve your working environment, Introducing our range of Welding gases
Sidings Fuel Supplies offers a full range of high performance and industry standard gases. These are available in a wide range of cylinder, cylinder pack and cryogenic liquid vessel sizes to meet all of your welding needs.

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